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20 Jun

FisherITS introduces Salesforce ‘License Management as a Service’ (LaaS), Reducing Costs and Optimizing Salesforce License Agreements

Fisher IT Asset Consulting (FisherITS) has launched a new ‘Licensing as a Service’ to support enterprises in the identification of how they can manage and lower their Salesforce licensing costs. This service is unique, as it enables organizations with large users of Salesforce, to be able to report enterprise user accounts, assign licenses and software consumption across all their Salesforce Orgs and sites.
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18 Jun

FisherITS launches SAP License-Management-as-a-Service (LaaS) to reduce SAP Software Audit License costs.

Fisher IT Asset Consulting (FisherITS) is pleased to announce our new service for the provision of SAP Compliance and Cost Optimization Services (LaaS)
This new service will introduce automation and strengthen FisherITS’ capability in SAP license compliance measurement, license re-allocation optimization and Indirect Access identification.
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03 Oct

ITAM Podcast - Getting started with IBM Licensing

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Eric Chiu, Director of FIAC was recently interviewed by the ITAM Review where he shared insights and useful tips on managing IBM licences and IBM audits

Discussion topics:
  • The main IBM technology stacks
  • Common IBM License types including:
    • Capacity of hardware, PVU
    • User based licensing
    • Storage capacity
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