FisherITS newly launched ITAM365 extends the management of Software Assets by optimizing all contracts and software licenses for vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce.

ITAM365 is aimed to provide ongoing Software Licensing and Contract ‘assurance and advisory’ services to an organization. FisherITS has designed their services to enable organizations to be able to outsource as much, or as little of their Software Asset Management.


To help organizations develop an effective Software Asset Management process, FisherITS use industry best practice techniques to establish Effective License Positions. As part of ITAM365, FisherITS can also advise an organization on compliance risk mitigation and cost-optimization of the key vendor contracts and licenses.

Unfortunately, most organizations learn they have ITAM issues the hard way, such as when a vendor license compliance audit ends in a massive financial claim. While the financial impact in these cases is obvious, it can be very challenging for businesses to establish the true scale of compliance risks and cost-saving opportunities across the whole of their software landscape – and these can be very significant. ITAM365 is therefore designed to provide an ongoing and frequent software optimization service that removes the worry about unexpected vendors audits and reduces the cost of managing an organizations Software Contracts and Licenses.


FisherITS Contract and License optimization service are built on a combination of HW Fisher’s auditing methodology, which has been developed and tested for over 85 years, and vendor-specific technical licensing knowledge from FisherITS experienced and expert team.


As part of this first phase of the Service Transition into the ITAM365 Service, FisherITS will build an entitlement inventory with usage rights restrictions, licensing metrics and compliance obligations information based on discovered Software Agreements and Product Terms. Advisory will be provided on future optimizations and to ensure that the contracts match with the customer’s requirements and long-term plans.

This specialist service allows an organization to see the true ‘audit exposure’ exactly as if the organization were undergoing an audit initiated by your vendor. FisherITS then provide a customer with risk mitigation intelligence which they can put into action to protect your business, usually without any extra spend on licenses.

ITAM365 enables an organization to manage and therefore remove possible wasted expenditure on licenses or other areas of overspend so that the organization can reduce future software spend. It is FisherITS goal to prevent as much financial waste in the business as possible.


Those organizations that use ITAM365 benefit directly by having an independent advisory to support teams during contract renewal. Due to the intelligence we collated during the delivery of the ITAM365 Service, FisherITS SAM consultants can advise organizations on the best license model or contract variant to optimize any future license cost, reduce non-compliance and reduce license waste.

FisherITS can accordingly provide an organization with a shopping list that enables the customer’s procurement team to seek ‘market’ pricing, with confidence that they are purchasing the right contract and licenses for the organization’s needs.

In addition, the team has extensive experience on the optimal wording to look out for when creating your new contract. Through optimized negotiation strategies, you can make sure that small print regarding for example geographic restrictions, reporting obligations or audit clauses does not increase the prices of your new licenses tenfold next time the vendor stops by for a license audit.

FisherITS believes that ITAM365 will drive the following benefits for any organization:

* Helps organizations have access to comprehensive and meaningful reporting and insights from all disparate data.

* Increase the efficiency of software usage and therefore wasted cost by clear indications of software that is not being used; and software that could be reallocated.

* Identify where there is non-compliance and therefore remove risk.

* Clearly understand the impact of migrating applications and infrastructure to Microsoft 365 and Azure and therefore remove potential risks of unknown costs.

* Have access to an independent advisor who can give clear guidance on the best procurement practices for your vendor products, contracts and licenses.

* Optimize your Contract renewal spend by only procuring what is needed.