FisherITS announces the launch of their new ITAM365 for Microsoft service. This service has been developed to support enterprises in the delivery of a full Software Asset Managed Service for the management of their Microsoft Software estate.

ITAM365 for Microsoft is aimed to provide ongoing Software Licensing and Contract ‘assurance and advisory’ services to an organization. ITAM365 for Microsoft has been designed to help organizations with all elements of their Microsoft Software License Management. FisherITS has designed their services to enable organizations to be able to outsource as much, or as little of their Microsoft Software Asset Management.

Overview of ITAM365 for Microsoft
Audit Readiness License Baseline

To prepare the organization for the ITAM365 Service, FisherITS will help the organization verify the current license usage, installed Microsoft base and the overall compliance position. FisherITS conduct all internal audits on behalf of our clients using the vendor’s official audit methodology. This is unique in the Software Asset Management industry. It is like going through the “real” audit process with Microsoft.

Contract and Entitlement review
As part of this first phase of the Service Transition, FisherITS will build an entitlement inventory with usage rights restrictions, licensing metrics and compliance obligations information based on discovered Microsoft software agreements and Microsoft’s Product Terms. Advisory will be provided on future optimizations and to ensure that the contracts match with the customer’s requirements and long-term plans.

Data and Tooling Readiness Audit
FisherITS will furthermore audit the quality of data required for the final optimization report from a usage perspective. Using a mix of tools in use by the customer and custom build scripts, a completeness matrix is established that will identify any gaps in tool-mix in use. We will review the capability of toolsets used to generate and maintain this data.

Compliance and Optimization Reporting
All figures and data will be included in a Microsoft Effective License Position (ELP) report; with details of the full audit trail; and the recommendations concerning license optimization and risk mitigation. To ensure that our report reaches the right effect within the organization, the results are furthermore included in an executive summary management presentation to highlight priorities and easy wins to optimize the Microsoft environment with minimal spending.

SAM Process and Control Audit
Based on the insights gained through the Audit baseline, a Process and Control Audit is performed to ensure that changes will be lasting and can be maintained, FisherITS will validate the design and effectiveness of the organization’s current SAM processes and controls. Our objective is to highlight the gaps against requirements and therefore determine the associated risks.

Continued Reporting and Consulting
Once the initial hurdles are cleared and a path is formed, FisherITS will work with the organization to design a future operating model based on an improved SAM process framework. Through the reporting stages, an optimized version of the internal audit process will then be reiterated, either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Ad-hoc advisory will be made available for licensing questions, contract negotiation advisory.

ITAM365 Add-on Service
Microsoft Audit Defence

FisherITS understands the vendor's selection criteria for audit targets, and can advise an organization on tactics to stay away from the top of the list, if not completely off the radar. If an organization is notified that they are to be audited by Microsoft, FisherITS will perform an ad-hoc assessment on the organization readiness and exposure, and advise on best responses to Microsoft to minimize financial impact. FisherITS will work with the organization teams to collect the data required by Microsoft, or challenge Microsoft on unnecessary data requests which might be used for non-audit purposes.
Even if a less then optimal report is received, many actions can still be taken. Based on our past experience, FisherITS has found that Microsoft’s chosen auditors rarely optimize the licenses in place to cover your usage, representing the report in Microsoft’s favour. The factual accuracy can be reviewed furthermore, as in several cases as much as 50% of compliance findings were found to be based on incorrect data, assumptions or even clear mistakes against the Microsoft licensing rules; which upon advisory were corrected and removed.

Microsoft License Support services
FisherITS provides a licensing specialist service desk that addresses Microsoft-specific licensing queries through our highly specialized Licensing consultants. This on-demand support desk provides telephone and email support and can advise not only on the licensing rule, but also has in detailed insights on optimal licensing for specific scenarios and the compliance impact of any issues and the common response from Microsoft or their auditors.

Microsoft Cloud-Ready
The purpose of FisherITS Microsoft ‘Cloud-Ready’ (SAM) Engagement will be to provide an organization with an end-to-end analysis of the Microsoft infrastructure, taking into consideration current software deployment, usage, and licensing data. The whole objective of this project will be to evaluate your cloud readiness based on the Microsoft technology licenses already purchased, keeping in mind your short and long-term cloud strategy and overall business goals.
FisherITS believes that its ITAM365 for Microsoft will drive the following benefits:
  • Helps organizations have access to comprehensive and meaningful reporting and insights from the disparate data.
  • Increase the efficiency of software usage and therefore wasted cost by clear indications of software that is not being used; and software that could be reallocated.
  • Identify where there is non-compliance and therefore remove risk.
  • Clearly, understand the impact of migrating applications and infrastructure to Microsoft 365 and Azure and therefore remove potential risks of unknown costs.
  • Have access to an independent advisor who can give clear guidance on the best procurement practices for Microsoft products.
If you want to know more about how ITAM365 for Microsoft can help you optimize, improve the compliance of your Microsoft estate and help you migrate to the Microsoft Cloud, then FisherITS look forward to helping you carry out an initial assessment of your requirements. We look forward to speaking to you.