Fisher IT Asset Consulting (FisherITS) are pleased to announce that we are partnering with The ITAM Review to deliver ‘The IBM Licensing Essentials’ training course. Eric Chiu has worked with The ITAM Review to deliver this course as part of The ITAM Review new LISA program (on-demand online training). Eric Chiu, Chairman of FisherITS, is a veteran of IBM Licensing, having been involved with the development of IBM Software Compliance Programmes.
This training will provide the student with an introduction to the various licensing models and metrics that govern the licensing of IBM products. The course also looks at how IBM licensing fits into and impacts upon Software Asset Management.
In this ‘self-paced’ course, Eric presents 'real world' scenarios on how IBM Licensing can impact an organization’s IBM License Entitlement and Compliance position. Eric has therefore made sure that the course content provides a detailed approach to mastering one of the currently most complicated vendor licensing programs.
FisherITS are software vendor independent and are not an IBM software license reseller. FisherITS are very proud of the fact that we are specialists in the areas of IBM Licensing, Compliance and the broader subject of IT Asset Management and Software Asset Manager across all of the major software vendors.  FisherITS therefore tried to encompass these attributes in the approach to the course content.
Who Should Attend?
This training is suitable for any professional who is involved in the management of IBM licenses. The IBM Licensing Essentials Course is ideal for IT professionals who:
  • Are new to IBM licensing.
  • Need to understand more about IBM volume and product licensing agreements.
  • Want to learn more about how IBM licensing fits into and impacts upon the wider Software Asset Management function within IT.
  • Want to take the cost out of their business by optimizing their IBM license assets.
What is covered in the Course?
The IBM License Essentials Course will comprehensively cover the following core subjects:
  • Versions of IBM Agreements and Contracts.
  • Introduction to the IBM Licensing Entitlement Metrics.
  • Processor Value Units (PVU) licensing and understanding of products related to license.
  • Resource Value Units (RVU) licensing and understanding of products related to license.
  • Understanding Sub-Capacity Licensing.
  • User-Based Licensing and Products related to this type of license.
  • How to reconcile proof of entitlement.
  • What is ILMT and why is important?
How will the Student benefit from the Course?
The course is unique since the student will have lifetime online access to the course content following subscription to the LISA Service. All course materials are provided on access to the online portal. Attendees will also receive a certificate on completion of the training course.
The course objective is to provide the student with a rich understanding of the various types of IBM agreements. The Student will, therefore, be able to understand how to apply the most common licensing metrics and the attributes of those licenses in any IBM environment. This includes the complexity and the impact of a Virtual Infrastructure on the IBM License estate. Therefore, at the end of the course, the Student will be able to apply their new IBM licensing knowledge to real-world IBM Licensing challenges.