An ISO Aligned Service Design

An ISO Aligned Service Design

ISO Aligned Design Principles
As a participating contributor to the ISO-19770 Software Asset Management standards, we have defined our Managed Service in close alignment to the latest SAM Process Framework as defined in ISO 19770-1:2012, as shown below.

Your Company

ISO 19770-1 SAM Process Framework Translation

Process & Governance design and implementation

What needs to be done, who does what, and how responsibilities are governed

Integrate SAM with other organisational processes

How procurement, change management or service management can best interact with SAM

Produce trustworthy licence positions and action on results

Licence entitlement discovery and validation, software usage discovery and measurement, compliance reporting and remediation activities

Your Responsibility

Tell us your challenges and objectives, work with us to define your new SAM processes and governance framework.

Communicate to your stakeholders and implement the changes as proposed.

Follow our instructions to generate, collect and deliver data required for internal audit on time.

Take actions to remediate licence shortfall or surplus

Our Responsibility

Understand your SAM requirements and identify process weaknesses. Help you define a best-practice process and governance framework.

Contract Discovery

Process & Ctrls Audit


Conduct quarterly internal audits against your priority vendors’ licence positions. Advice on risk mitigation and licence optimisation opportunities.

Compliance Baseline Audit

Data & Tooling Readiness Audit

Specialist Licensing Support

ISO Aligned Service Workflow
Your SAM Manager
Roles &
processes &
What we need from you
Commercial data feeds
Automated discovery data feeds
(Optional) Fisher discovery agent feeds
Manual inventory and usage feeds
Support calls and service Requests
Your data owners
What we deliver
Licence compliance audit reports (ELP)
Remediation and optimisation advice
Cost financial reporting
Exception reports
Audit defence renewal support
Licence operations resource support
LCaaS engine
Data team
Vendor Licensing
Specialist Team
19770 Software
Asset Management
Core SAM Process
Support Team
Software Catalogue