Just received the audit notification letter from your beloved software vendor or already being presented with a worrying quote on ‘settlement’?
We can help you minimise the damage and take advantage of the situation. Find out more below:
Audit Defence
Internal Audit
Our Internal Audit Service uses the exact same audit methodologies as each of your vendors will - you can then fix your blind spots before it turns into a big settlement bill. Find our more below:
Are your tricky enterprise agreements or complex data structure keeping you from total confidence in licence compliance?
A tool-free SAM
We do not sell tools for SAM, we deliver SAM. Our job is to take you across the compliance line on time, not to leave you with a tool that you operate half-heartedly after we leave.
We believe that your time is better used in acting on the trustworthy data and reports prepared by our trained hands, than to test, implement, integrate and maintain another piece of software. Find out more below:
Audit Readiness Assessment
Not comfortable with your licence compliance status and worrying about exposure under a vendor licensing audit?
Using our expertise distilled from 20 years of licensing audit experience, we will look for blind spots in your data, tooling and processes and provide actionable advice.
All this in 1 day, free of charge. No-brainer?
US and UK companies audited by their software vendor between 2013 and 14
Minimum amount paid by one third of large enterprises to settle each audit
Numbers of PCs owned by companies for whom we defended licence audits in 2014
Average audit penalty and licensing savings our clients achieved in 2014